Start with CSS

Welcome! If you haven’t read the previous articles, I strongly reccomend reading them first. Click here “here to go to the HTML tutorial.” Ok, so you want to make your HTML Look good. To do this, wel will need the help of CSS, or a cascading style sheet. Go to your HTML Project directory and make a new file called “style.css”. Then in your HTML File, paste this between the ‘’ and ’’ tags: ‘’’’ now paste this in your CSS file: ‘‘body{ background-color: blue; }’’ Notice how the background color changes to blue! Now try it yourself by replacing body with h1, and background color to color, and then shoose a color. Now notice what happens! If you added your own h1 elements, they all change to that color you selected. But how do we change individual h1 elements? Create another h1 element and add a class tag to it, like this:’’This is my cool element!’’ Now in your css file, add this: ‘’.mycoolelement{color:white;}’’ Notice how that changes just that 1 h1 element. you can add a class to 1 element, or many and these styles will apply to all of them, no matter what they inherit from the h1 selector. So cool! Try adjusting the height, width, font-size, font-family, and more. There are more that only apply to certain elements. There are some pretty cool tricks you can do that I will be explaining in a future article. See you!